Welcome to RUSH UK

RUSH stands for Reaching the Unreached through Self-Help. We are a Registered Charity set-up to reach the under-privileged and suffering people within the local community of Kakamega, a town in the Western Province of Kenya close to Lake Victoria.

RUSH UK is working along with 800 community members and about 200 orphans and vulnerable children. Since our birth in 2001, we have been involved in many social projects, currently numbering 12, in a variety of areas from a choir to an urban-rural migration project.

Our aims for the future involve:

  • Alleviating poverty in the community by at least 50%.
  • Expanding the carpentry and tailoring to accommodate more boys and girls.
  • Building RUSH academy up to a high level and producing a well-educated and informed community.
  • Reducing the HIV/AIDS rate from 13% to 5% by teaching.
  • Training and support the community to be self-supportive in future.
  • Providing computer lessons both in a college and in RUSH academy.
  • Training the community in the methods of practising agriculture on their farms.
  • Training women on business issues and accounting.
  • Promoting our youth through a ‘youth-parent’ programme on the issues related to HIV/AIDS, human security in the community and reproductive health.

The purpose of this website is to promote and provide information about RUSH and our many activities within the community.


Letter to supporters of RUSH  UK regarding merger with International Needs