Our Philosophy

RUSH stands for “Reaching the Unreached through Self Help”. The mission of the organisation is to glorify God through all departments and agencies. RUSH is a ministry which is involved in holistic development in meeting the spiritual, physical, mental, social and economic needs of the people as outlined in Deuteronomy 15:11 and Isaiah 61:1-4.

The primary purpose of RUSH is to make a change in people. Full participation of members is encouraged to enable them to identify their problems, prioritise their needs, analyse them and take action by themselves, with the knowledge that RUSH is there to support them. RUSH believes that the people in the town slums and the underprivileged people of the rural areas are knowledgeable of their environment and of things that concern them. RUSH mobilises these people to use their own knowledge and other abilities they have to improve their situations and living conditions.

This community-based project wants to train both young and old people and give them the skills they need in order that they can lead dignified lives, being able to provide for themselves and their families.

RUSH also wishes to befriend those who are hurting, those who are suffering, and offer comfort, care, friendship and hope. Through full knowledge of the compassion Jesus Christ had on those excluded and ostracised by society, RUSH wishes to follow the example set before them. To this end, RUSH is active and present in the local community.